Silent Disco

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Silent Rave

Hosting a party or event but it needs to be quiet? Ever thought about having silent disco? Silent disco, sometimes called silent rave, is party or event that people can dance “silently” using headphones. The great thing about it is you are not disturbing anyone, and people can party well into the night without worrying about curfew (depending on your local area). For your silent disco party Howl2GO can provide equipment (we drop it off, and pick it up whenever you want) with all the latest technology. Need more information? Contact us today by filling out a form.

Live Music Band

Howl2GO can play at fundraisers, weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, private parties and more.

You are never too far for Howl2GO to make it to your event! From Florida to the Northeast and the Midwest all the way out West and East, we can play at your venue.