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May 21, 2023

Corporate Events with Dueling Pianos by Howl2GO

Private parties of all kinds become even more incredible when Howl2GO gets in on the show, but playing at your corporate events gives us the opportunity to howl even louder! Regardless of where you’re hosting your corporate event or team outing, Howl2GO can be there in a flash with a thrilling performance that gets every guest on their feet for the rest of the night!

Book company party dueling pianos

Dueling Pianos & Team Building

Howl2GO Dueling Pianos is the key to a corporate event like your guests have never seen! Every one of our performances brings a ton of energy and excitement to parties of any size, from company bashes for Orbitz or Motorola to an unforgettable outing for your small business. Our show features Howl2GO’s superbly talented musicians performing a dueling piano show that’s loaded with hit songs to get everybody dancing, and requests from the crowd to get everyone in on the action. You can even add additional musicians to the mix on instruments like drums, guitar, bass, and more to create a live music experience to blow everybody away.

Dueling pianos fundraisers

Howl2GO makes it easy to book your performance from the very first call. Whether you’re bringing our famous dueling piano show to your event or adding the full band experience to the mix, we will make sure your setlist has been carefully planned from the main performance to background music and announcements. Whatever your timeline and however your style, Howl2GO can put a show together for you! We even arrive at the venue early to handle all setup and make sure every detail is ready to be executed perfectly, bringing every piece of equipment like sound systems, lighting kits, two baby grand pianos, and more to make sure the atmosphere is unquestionable.

Setting up for a phenomenal show is the easy part—where Howl2GO really brings the magic is once our performers hit the stage! Our musicians are comprised entirely of the most talented musicians Howl at the Moon has to offer, featuring musicians trained to entertain and possessing stage chemistry like no other. Howl2GO’s entertainers are experts at getting the entire crowd rocking with the show, and are perfect at setting the stage for events and announcements at your corporate event. Plus, with a network of performers that reaches around the country, Howl2GO is never too far to make your event rock even harder!

The ultimate, most-dynamic dueling piano and live music shows are always thrown by Howl2GO.

Call (844) HOWL2GO to make your next corporate event, holiday party, team outing, private party, fundraiser, wedding, and more howl a little louder.

You are never too far for Howl2GO to make it to your event! From Florida to the Northeast and the Midwest all the way out West and East, we can play at your venue

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