Howl2GO at University of Indianapolis

May 27, 2022

Hire Dueling Pianos in Indianapolis

Dueling Pianos in Indianapolis

University of Indianapolis

Indianapolis dueling pianos

The University of Indianapolis prides itself on being a school focused on both academic and personal growth. The goal of the University of Indianapolis is to provide students with the tools to prepare themselves for the real world, while also being worldly and well-educated in a variety of different fields.

The University of Indianapolis provides students with the ability to reach the highest levels of education, and has: associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.

If you are interested in sports, music, the arts or any other fun extracurricular activity, you’ll find what you love at the University of Indianapolis!

From basketball to football and beyond, the University of Indianapolis has it all! You will definitely want to make sure to catch a game and support the Greyhounds.

To receive a top-level education and have a blast while you are in college, you will definitely want to attend the University of Indianapolis.

Address: 1400 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: (317) 788-3368

Book Dueling Pianos in Indianapolis

Howl2GO can play at fundraisers, weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, private parties and more.


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