Best Songs of 2018

August 29, 2018

Howl2GO Dueling Pianos brings a ton of energy to every performance, and we couldn’t pull it off without outstanding new music to keep our shows fresh. There’s been some huge releases this year, but none had a bigger impact than these five. Check out our selections of the best 2018’s had to offer through this summer!

“God’s Plan”—Drake

The well may finally have dried when it comes to Drake’s reliance on Carribean and Jamaican influence in his music. Instead, “God’s Plan” sees the Canadian rapper take a step back towards his roots. The beat is catchy without feeling recycled, and though the mainstream “mumble” style he adapted as his career progressed is still present, the very signature tonality to Drake’s voice absolutely shines through. See the video for “God’s Plan” below:

“APES**T”—The Carters

The album we’ve all been dreaming of but never thought would arrive finally came to be—and in surprising fashion! Seemingly out of the blue (Ivy), the duo of Beyonce and Jay-Z—The Carters—dropped the album Everything is Love, complete with the music video for the track “APESH**T”. Penned by rap group Migos, Beyonce handles much of the heavy lifting through the song’s verses and hook, delivering bars with a speed that may even put Young Hov in his prime to shame. The track is a departure from the couple’s individual efforts but absolutely proves to be a breath of fresh air.

“High Horse”—Kacey Musgraves

It’s shocking to describe a song in 2018 as being totally unique, but that’s exactly what Kacey Musgraves has accomplished with “High Horse”. After being an underground hero of pop-country for years, the singer’s 2018 album, Golden Hour, grew her mainstream popularity tremendously largely due to the success of this single. “High Horse” keeps everything fans have loved for years about Kacey, but adds heavy disco influence and even Japanese-pop overtones to create an endlessly catchy track that few would be able to perform, let alone create.

“This is America”—Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is as much about performance art as it is about music—and Donald Glover has proven his expertise in both categories. But “This is America” takes things to the next level. In the wake of brutality and aggression against people of color, Glover needed to make an impact. The track’s whimsical intro quickly gives way to an eerie beat that slowly tears through the song, paired with lyrics that speak to the meaning of oppression and the most jarring music video of the year. Donald Glover wanted to take Childish Gambino to the next level, and he succeeded.

“God is a Woman”—Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s vocal style can certainly be hit or miss. Her mumble-pop style of singing is divisive and either makes her music unique or serves as a distraction, depending on your school of thought. All of that aside, however, “God is a Woman” is the most powerful feminist anthem of the year. Grande’s lyrics challenge male perspective and promises not only to make the listener understand femininity but to worship it. The song’s music is also well-layered and interesting, giving Ariana Grande a solid base on the track that proved her transition from child actor to pop superstar is complete.

Live Dueling Piano Shows

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